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> El 17/9/20 a les 12:23, Yaron Shahrabani ha escrit:
> > [...]
> > It's a different approach, not all TM tools are created equal and I
> > understand that some of you experienced some of these tools but I
> > assure you that Weblate is far different than Zanata or Launchpad, it
> > truly works for the translator and has tight git integration
> > (configurable), the overhead is decreased dramatically, just give it a
> > try.
> I did a test comparing Lokalize and Weblate. Starting point in both
> cases is an open file to translate, and I tried to see the first 10
> messages of each file, a common task doing translations.
> - Lokalize: I have pressed the PgDn key 10 times to jump to the next
> message, and each jump is instantaneous
> - Weblate: I have pressed the "Skip" button 10 times to jump to the next
> message. From pressing the button to showing the next message there is
> an average delay of 2.70 seconds. With a translation like Amarok (2639
> messages) this is an overall delay of almost 2 hours. Tested with a
> 100Mbit/s optical fiber connection.
> So, Weblate has some positive points but also some negative points. And
> each team must decide if they use an online tool after some hard
> thoughts, so Weblate or other online tools must be opt-in.

Can be optimized, depends on server resources, I conducted some tests with
LXQt Weblate (I'm helping with the provisioning and migration progress), it
can be pretty fast but requires some optimizations.

Hosted Weblate is nothing to compare to, it's on a best effort basis and
doesn't reflect the true performance, Fedora infra is slightly better and
the performance keeps getting better over time.

Offline tools are great for some and I know all their strengths (I've
worked offline for many years) but they generate unnecessary overhead,
translators should focus on translating in the most convenient and
straightforward way, I truly believe online tools will keep improving and
as you can see on Weblate's GitHub project.

> Josep Ma. Ferrer
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