Akademy meeting notes

Karl Ove Hufthammer karl at huftis.org
Sun Sep 20 16:29:59 BST 2020

Yaron Shahrabani skreiv 17.09.2020 12:23:
> What about collaboration? Suggestions? Screenshots for context?
> Using offline tools makes the translators a bunch of individuals doing 
> some work, […]

I don’t agree. Offline translators have for decades collaborated using 
mailing lists, IRC, instant messaging and even physical meetings. There 
are many advantages of these forms of communication. Mailing lists are 
excellent for longer discussions, where a large number of individuals 
can participate (or just observe what is being discussed). IRC is 
excellent for quicker or shorter discussions, perhaps with a more 
limited audience. Instant messaging is excellent for one-on-one 
mentoring of new translators. And I guess physical meetings are 
excellent for all of the above.

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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