[kdecat] Translation of KDE 4.3 announcement

Orestes Mas orestes at tsc.upc.edu
Sun Aug 2 23:03:43 UTC 2009

A Diumenge 02 Agost 2009 22:41:18, Mark Ziegler va escriure:
> Hello, you are receiving this mail because you volunteered to do KDE
> announcement translations.
> KDE 4.3 release is on 05.08.2009 and so we are asking you to translate
> the release that can be found at
> http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/www/sites/www/announcements/4.3/index.php?view=
>markup as soon as possible
> Once you have the announcement translated you should:
>  a) Send me the translation and we will host it, it makes much more easy to
> release all translations at once than relying on you beign available to
> make the annoucement at the same time we do it on kde.org. Of course you
> can still host the translation on your team website but be sure NOT to
> publish it BEFORE we do.
>  b) Wait until you see the announcement at dot.kde.org or www.kde.org main
> pages for spreading the good news.

No podré dedicar-m'hi. Marxo de vacances d'aquí a poques hores.


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