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> > That's only not a problem because of tablets, same thing happens with
> > laptops and PC's in general. This case is less of a moving target at the
> > moment, but still problematic.
> >
> That is interesting. Can you name the reasons?
No. I have ideas, but they are not better than anybody else's. Michael
Jackson did put it simply, though [1].

> > I don't think it's a manpower problem though, FOSS communities are
> > well-known for failing at driving hardware development and getting the
> > industry pushing it on board. Like you said, there's been some success
> > stories regarding "libre" hardware like Ardunio or RPi, but these are
> also
> > not really something we can offer to end-user like our manifesto [1]
> > suggests.
> >
> So it could be offered by an organisation next to KDE with intense
> connections
> to KDE? For me the RPi and the Fairphone show, that it is much easier to
> make
> things possible, if you have a foundation backing you or via crowdfunding.
> Maybe one is found or crowfunding is tried seriously.
> I think the concept of Rhombus tech as written down on their website for
> use
> in education is really innovtive, so it would be great, if it would become
> possible.

Synergies are always welcome. I definitely would love having a device that
I know I can try to get things working without being told "yes, we know
it's a problem, but we don't think this is going to be fixed". But then I
know some people tried before without luck.

> > I will be happy to see any reactions as well. Personally, I see it as a
> > perpetuating problem and different projects failing to solve them for
> > different reasons. Probably because we're offering projects, not
> products.
> >
> I eagerly expect reactions too, as I would like to know, if and where I am
> wrong.
> I have an samsung smartphone and a samsung tablet, where for example marble
> and Kstars are not running. Both were running on my weTab. But what i miss
> most, is plasma activ. Android seems to me oldfashioned in comparison to
> Android. What makes me angry,is  that I can not get rid of too much
> preinstalled software, which wants to grab my personal data.

Personally, what bothers me the most is that we're incapable of running on
different platforms and I'm actively [2] working on ways to solve that
without turning our development process apart. I don't think we should
disregard Android given that a huge part of our potential user-base is
there and I think we should take them with respect and proximity.

But yes, we have a community capable of coming up with a full-fledged
solution and I think we could get there. This would open the window to
having deployments based on KDE software and, more importantly, software
made with a Free Software mind-set (in opposition to a Free Software

> > On the bright side, it seems like the situation might improve a great
> deal
> > when we get to adopt Wayland and get a stack closer to Android.
> >
> Is that really on the bright side?  Would that mean, that i can install
> plasma
> (activ) on top of Android or would it only be possible to run KDE-software
> like you can run it on windows?

No, that would mean you'd get to create a Linux OS for those systems _with_
a proper graphics card driver. Jolla has already starting doing that [3]
because they're already there.

But yes, creating a shell on top of android would be a possibility too [4].

> Thank you Aleix.
> Wolfgang

Exciting times we're living in, let's not get scared, let's do it from
illusion. In your e-mail I see lots of fear, I don't think that this should
drive us to the next form factors. On the other hand, I think that we want
to clean our mindsets and figure out who we want to be, look who wants to
play with us and then push it with passion.


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