Some REAl general thoughts on the KDE-EDU world

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Mon Mar 31 21:13:24 UTC 2014

On Saturday, 2014-03-29, 11:49:28, Wolfgang Romey wrote:

>  In my opinion KDE-EDU has to consider on what hardware the software will
> run. As you probably know, tablet-computer and smartphones are getting more
> and more important as learning devices. And that is a thread to learning,
> as they are more and more closed.

Yes and no.
I agree that the base systems become more closed but most of the mobile 
platforms have also started to move away from closing down the application 
level too much.

But yes, the overall situation is not as nice as it could be.

> You all know the struggles for the vivaldi tablet, which can not be realized
> as the improv-board can not be realized, as there are not enough orders or
> donations. Both devices would be as open as possible today and embedded in
> the KDE-Community. We would have devices running Plasma-Active and the
> bodega store, which could offer educational software and other material.

I have no information on the Vivalid tablet, my understanding is that it is 
moving slowly due to complications with the hardware.

The improv is a really cool idea, but the crowd funding attempt was poorly 
It happend on a totally unknow web site, meaning it doesn't reach the same 
number of people as Kickstarter or Indigogo do.
It ignored one of the base principles of crowd funding: perks.
Or at least it didn't when the dot article came out.

Also, if one looks at successful crowd sourcing initatives, an additional 
boost is generated by having low base goals and having interesting extension 
Again something that the campaign lacks (or lacked if it has improved since 
the dot article).

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