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Wolfgang Romey hier at
Mon Mar 31 07:20:19 UTC 2014

> That's only not a problem because of tablets, same thing happens with
> laptops and PC's in general. This case is less of a moving target at the
> moment, but still problematic.
That is interesting. Can you name the reasons?

> I don't think it's a manpower problem though, FOSS communities are
> well-known for failing at driving hardware development and getting the
> industry pushing it on board. Like you said, there's been some success
> stories regarding "libre" hardware like Ardunio or RPi, but these are also
> not really something we can offer to end-user like our manifesto [1]
> suggests.
So it could be offered by an organisation next to KDE with intense connections 
to KDE? For me the RPi and the Fairphone show, that it is much easier to make 
things possible, if you have a foundation backing you or via crowdfunding. 
Maybe one is found or crowfunding is tried seriously.
I think the concept of Rhombus tech as written down on their website for use 
in education is really innovtive, so it would be great, if it would become 

> I will be happy to see any reactions as well. Personally, I see it as a
> perpetuating problem and different projects failing to solve them for
> different reasons. Probably because we're offering projects, not products.
I eagerly expect reactions too, as I would like to know, if and where I am 
I have an samsung smartphone and a samsung tablet, where for example marble 
and Kstars are not running. Both were running on my weTab. But what i miss 
most, is plasma activ. Android seems to me oldfashioned in comparison to 
Android. What makes me angry,is  that I can not get rid of too much 
preinstalled software, which wants to grab my personal data.

> On the bright side, it seems like the situation might improve a great deal
> when we get to adopt Wayland and get a stack closer to Android.
Is that really on the bright side?  Would that mean, that i can install plasma 
(activ) on top of Android or would it only be possible to run KDE-software 
like you can run it on windows?

Thank you Aleix.


Wolfgang Romey

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