[kde-edu]: parley learning files... part II

Malte Doersam mdoersam at gamay.eu
Sun Mar 30 23:22:36 CEST 2008


as I used some bash shell scripting to compile the last two parley files, I 
thought, it'd be easy to build learning files for the other two maritime 
radio exams as well...

so here come learning files for:
	-the German Long Range Certificate (LRC) exam
	-the German Short Range Certificate (SRC) exam

Can you upload these files to the kdeedu website?

I also wondered if you could add another practice mode, where the user can 
compare his answer to the given answer and decide on his own whether the 
given answer is correct or not... (like it is done at this online trainer:

 it doesn't make much sense to compare these answers bytewise as only the 
meaning has to be correct. 

Another thing:
These questions give either one, two or three points (In my learning files, it 
is indicated at the end of the question via small dots). 

That's an important information, because that way you know, how many different 
things to give as an answer... At least I haven't found it, but it seems as 
if Parley cannot handle this "you get 3 points for this question, but only 1 
point for that question"-concept. Maybe you can think about adding such an 


Berlin bei 12°C
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