[kde-edu]: Parley Learning Files

Malte Doersam mdoersam at gamay.eu
Sun Mar 30 21:04:26 CEST 2008


I compiled two new Parley learning files for the German 
"Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate for the Radiotelephone Service on 
Inland Waterways" aka "UKW-Sprechfunkzeugnis für den Binnenschifffahrtsfunk 

the  two files are:
- UKW-Sprechfunkzeugnisprüfung für den Binnenfunk (UBI)
- UKW-Sprechfunkzeugnisprüfung für den Binnenfunk (UBI) als Zusatzprüfung bei 
vorhandenem SRC/LRC

both files contain the new questions (valid after 2008-10-01) and are solely 
in German.

Can someone put these files on http://edu.kde.org/contrib/kvtml2.php ?

Some things about parley, I observed...

Parley 0.90 @ KDE 4.0.2 @ Ubuntu 7.10)  crashes if two containers in lessons 
have <current>true</current>... probably not much of a problem, but I 
compiled these two files on xml level with awk, perl, tr magic  so I stumbled 
across that...

It's a pity, that two lessons cannot contain the very same entry... 
For this UBI-exam they have preselected questions on each exam form... like 
exam form No. 1 contains questions 1,7,15,18 and exam form No. 2 contains 
questions 1,2,5,7,15... 

I'd like to create a lesson for each exam form, but that ain't possible 
because each entry may only appear in one lesson.

Check the last page on 
http://www.pa-bremen.de/documents/Erg_Fragenkatalog_011007.pdf to get an idea 
on how these exam forms are generated...


Berlin bei 14°C
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