[kde-edu]: own files for khangman (1.6/kde 3.5.8)

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Sun Mar 30 18:58:43 CEST 2008

Le Sunday 30 March 2008 02:55:35 pm RalfGesellensetter, vous avez écrit :
> dear list,
> i just presented khangman 1.6 to a kid and together we gave it a try.
> it's really cute - and there are quite a few word files on the server.
> some questions arose:
> - there is no editor built in (hence i could not "cheet") which is okay.
> - can I place additional files to .khangman or similar (as there is no
>   file open dialogue for personal files)?
I guess a Open File action woul dbe neat, I'll add it for 4.1
> - is it wise to put the "hints option" into "language settings"?
It was as for a while there were few languages with hints. It's now gone, in 
KDE 4 KHnagMan has a Hint icon as Default in the toolbar and the Show Hint 
action is in the Settings menu.
> - the big GUI (good!) makes it difficult to detect the hint in the
>   status line "right mouse key displays tooltip" (small font).
The right click is gone, there's a button now
>   how about adding a hint-button to tool bar? Or even better: have an area
>   to click on (the sun/the boat) to make hints show?
An area to click is not very wise at it would change upon themes and that 
would be very confusing.
> sorry for not using BTS, I guess with kde4 most things change anyway.
yes but thanks a lot for your feedback! It's always valuable!

Best regards,


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