Review Request: Add a QSplitter between the places view and the directory tree in KDirSelectDialog

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Sun Sep 5 07:05:10 BST 2010

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Review request for kdelibs.


Time to revisit this year-old request :)

This patch should now help fix bug 249476: Ark extends KDirSelectDialog and adds a third column to it, but the default size is too narrow and users can only have more free space by resizing the dialog, whereas with this patch it is possible to at least resize the places view width. Another possibility here would be to remove the HBoxLayout and and have the QSplitter as the dialog's main widget, so that the directory list could be resized as well in Ark's use case.


Currently, there is no way to resize the places view in a KDirSelectDialog. Sometimes the default width is too small, and I can't see the directory names.

Most of the code in this patch was taken from KFileWidget - a QSplitter is inserted between the places view and the directory tree view, its width is read/written using KConfigGroup and it's not automatically resized when the whole dialog is resized.

The drawback is that modifications to code in KFileWidget may require identical modifications to KDirSelectDialog too. Perhaps the best option would be to refactor this functionality somewhere else, but the work required would be much bigger.

This addresses bug 249476.

Diffs (updated)

  trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kfile/kdirselectdialog.h 1171225 
  trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kfile/kdirselectdialog.cpp 1171762 



Both Ark (in its Extraction Dialog) and Plasma's Desktop Settings (when adding a folder for slideshow wallpapers) now have a QSplitter that works as expected.



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