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2007/8/27, Jaison Lee <lee.jaison at>:
> How exactly does a digital picture look "used"?  :)  I know you are
> all proud of your Oxygen stuff but there's no need to impune the work
> done by earlier artists.

They  did a great job. But the "used" is real, this is a psycological time
aspect every artist knows. At first, an artwork can be perceved innovative,
sometime too much. Then, just great, and at the end, dated... or even
ridiculous.... It just depend of the time, not the energy and true merits
the original artist put on, and this time is not the same for every artworks
(Music, Clothes, icons... ). For icon, this time cycle seems to be something
like 5 years. So the oxygen theme icon is a good thing at the good time for
For wallpaper, the cycle is very short... and i won't be agaisnt see an
evolution on every 4.x release if it is needed. And for music, i honestly
don't know, i'm not a music creator. I also agree with Jos, we have trust
issues here.

Wallpapers should really be SVG not jpg." Those are statements I can
> get behind.

 There are also stuffs like that: we need size up to existing display
(2560*1600, 1920*1200... ) on both 4/3 and 16/10 aspect ration. These screen
didn't exist before.

If they are supposed to be what KDE4 uses why in god's name AREN'T
> they there? We're tagging Beta2 in a few days. What precisely are you
> waiting for? 2 days after distros start burning their CDs?

Very good point from a release point of view. :/
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