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Mon Aug 27 16:12:44 BST 2007

On Monday 27 August 2007 07:54:17 am Jaison Lee wrote:
> > I dont. So we should just keep on hading stuf in...??? We made a contest
> > and kde 4 will have some of the best walppaers i have hever seen, and you
> > want to put in the midle of them pices of work that look plain old and
> > used....?
> How exactly does a digital picture look "used"?  :)  I know you are
> all proud of your Oxygen stuff but there's no need to impune the work
> done by earlier artists. I really like a lot of the current desktops.
> See, what I object to is that you do not seem to be saying anything
> like, "The version specific wallpapers (ones that say 3.5 or 3.5)
> obviously need to go and for reasons of technical superiority all KDE4
> Wallpapers should really be SVG not jpg." Those are statements I can
> get behind. Those are valid reasons for removing something that
> someone like me probably has on their desktop right now. What you are
> saying comes off more like "Those are old and Oxygen is teh r0x0r so
> everyone change your desktops."

In many ways Jaison and I are of the same opinion. It seems that recently 
there has been a certain amount of NIH coming from the artists. The whole 
thrust of forcing only their solution smacks highly against user choice. As I 
stated in a previous email in the styles thread, art is in the eye of the 
beholder. This INCLUDES music. What I might like could differs _wildly_ from 
say what aseigo, or heck, what pinotree, likes. This is a clear cut case of 
where artists and developers should be inclusive instead of exclusive, and 
just keep the old sounds in there and have the default be the new sounds. And 
now I think I'm going to spend a day or so getting up to speed on KDE4 API so 
I can write a sound theme selection control panel to end this discussion once 
and for all....

> Additionally, I'm more than a little defensive because I haven't felt
> like coding in KDE4 for months now because of just this type of
> current-users-don't-matter mentality and the first thing I try and do
> to get back greets me in the exact same way.
> > > How about we make a deal? When there are more than a grand total of 16
> > > seemingly random Oxygen sounds that aren't even being installed right
> > > now, then we can revisit things, but until then let's stop trying to
> > > remove currently working alternatives.
> >
> > Want me to upload them right now???
> If they are supposed to be what KDE4 uses why in god's name AREN'T
> they there? We're tagging Beta2 in a few days. What precisely are you
> waiting for? 2 days after distros start burning their CDs?

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