[kde-promo] Re: KDE 3.2 release cycle

Navindra Umanee navindra at cs.mcgill.ca
Sun May 18 18:51:52 BST 2003

Datschge <datschge at gmx.net> wrote:
> I think what Mosfet wants to see is more public activity reflecting all the 
> new improvements in the public. To keep it short: in my opinion this is not 
> something the developers should care about but promoters.
> Conclusion: I think the whole thread was pretty much off topic for 
> kde-core-devel. ;)

This is the best way to see your work *Not Be Promoted*.

So, I'll take this chance and tell everyone:

If you just implemented this really cool new feature in KDE, or you
*know* a really cool new feature has been implemented in KDE, and you
want people to know about it, or you're sick of the perception that
KDE is not moving:

Please take 5 minutes of your time to tell us about it

> * How much the public get told and to see about all the improvements during 
> development phases however depends on how much people contribute to 
> kde-promo, dotty and kde traffic. So if there's a lack of people we need to 
> promote them as well (I'm in progress rewriting the "support KDE" page on 
> kde.org to reflect all the possibilities how to contribute for exactly this 
> purpose). 

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