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Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at schmi-dt.de
Sun May 11 18:32:08 BST 2003

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I have both a bug report and a feature request concerning tool bar popup 
menus. Let me start with the feature request:

I want to suggest that the time before the delayed tool bar pops up becomes 
configurable. Currently it is fixed to 500ms. The reason why I want it to be 
configurable is simple: Persons who are slow with their fingers.

My mother, for example, has an illness which courses her to be able to do less 
as time continues. Even the few things she can do are slow. So she cannot 
check mail by simply clicking on the "Check Mail In" combined tool bar icon. 
(Luckily there is a "Check Mail" tool bar icon which can be placed in the 
tool bar with the "Configure Toolbars" dialog.)

Now to the bug report. (I know that for bug reports the appropriate place is 
bugs.kde.org. However, is this bug part of kdelibs or part of QT?) To see the 
bug you need a toolbar popup menu which contains a submenu with at least one 
entry. (For example, start konqueror and edit the bookmarks to contain a 
folder, therein a (sub)folder and therein a bookmark). If you do a long click 
onto the toolbar icon the popup menu shows up. If you then keep the mouse 
button pressed while you move the mouse onto an entry in the sub menu and 
then release the mouse key, the tool bar icon will _not_ return to its 
initial state (e.g., it either does not show a border when the mouse enteres 
the icon or it does always show this border). With KDE 3.1 you can also get 
this effect by clicking exactly 500ms on an icon with a delayed popup menu.

Gunnar Schmi Dt
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