KDE 3.2 release cycle

Datschge datschge at gmx.net
Fri May 16 01:27:05 BST 2003

I'd like to summarize this thread and add my own points, I'm pretty sure much 
of it will sound pretty banal by now.

I think what Mosfet wants to see is more public activity reflecting all the 
new improvements in the public. To keep it short: in my opinion this is not 
something the developers should care about but promoters.

* When and how often KDE is being officially released is solely up to the 
release manager. Nothing should change that.

* How much the public get told and to see about all the improvements during 
development phases however depends on how much people contribute to 
kde-promo, dotty and kde traffic. So if there's a lack of people we need to 
promote them as well (I'm in progress rewriting the "support KDE" page on 
kde.org to reflect all the possibilities how to contribute for exactly this 

* Kde-promo already offers a Knoppix based live CD using the latest official 
KDE release. Ideally this should become an own institution within KDE, 
offering 1) a new live CD only containing the latest official vanilla version 
of KDE whenever a new version has been released, and 2) a regularly updated 
technology preview live CD featuring notable new additions and improvements 
of KDE's CVS Head. Those CD's then can be used as lively promotion showing 
all the latest stuff without interfering with the actual development 
progress. Knoppix already consumes a large part of kde-promo ml's discussions 
so I'm sure this can be done.

Conclusion: I think the whole thread was pretty much off topic for 
kde-core-devel. ;)

Thank you for your attention.
Cheers, Datschge =)

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