KHTML developers: Animated GIF playing

Mosfet dan.duley at
Tue May 13 01:32:26 BST 2003

On Monday 12 May 2003 03:20 pm, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Mai 2003, Mosfet wrote:
> QMovie supports two modes:
> a) incremental loading of a single frame image
> b) animated loading of multi frame images
> the animated images are never rendered progressive, as this would look
> quite weird.

Well, some frames can be interlaced, which is the GIF form of progressive 
loading. There is, (I believe - I'm not looking at the code right now), four 
layers of interlacing so each pass adds more detail.

This would look rather strange in an animation, tho. It may only support it 
for the first frame anyways. 

I'm just thinking about how I would handle processing the data as it comes in 
from KIO. It would be easiest to handle full GIF data blocks, but this would 
mean you wouldn't see the interlacing as it occurs. That would be needed for 
single image GIFs.

> If you have something that can be plugged into KHTML somehow I'd be happy
> to try it.

I can do something that loads off a local file immediately. I already have 
code for PixiePlus, I would just need to add a check for the Netscape 
extension and take out the MITSHM code I use. If you think that's usable I'd 
do an incremental version that can be plugged into KIO, but that's gonna some 
work and I wanted to make sure people are interested.

Another thing we may want to look at is doing a new QImageIO GIF handler. This 
way we could add support for text comments.

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