KHTML developers: Animated GIF playing

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon May 12 21:20:16 BST 2003

On Mon, 12 Mai 2003, Mosfet wrote:

> The second issue is handling incremental loading. Right now I load the entire 
> GIF into libungif at once, (slurping). I'd have to switch this to reading a 
> block at a time so it can incremental load off of KIO. This is more work but 
> shouldn't be too hard. I already looked at some of the libgif utilities that 
> process individual lines and have an idea of how I'd do it. BTW, I believe 
> this is why Qt used it's own homegrown parser. I'd probably just read in an 
> entire block at a time and process it so you'd get the image frames as they 
> load but not the progressive drawing of each frame.

QMovie supports two modes:

a) incremental loading of a single frame image
b) animated loading of multi frame images

the animated images are never rendered progressive, as this would look quite 

If you have something that can be plugged into KHTML somehow I'd be happy to 
try it. 


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