PATCH: Make KShortcutMenu pass Enter, Return to QPopupMenu (#55139)

Maks Orlovich mo002j at
Mon May 12 16:03:13 BST 2003

On Wednesday 30 April 2003 11:53 pm, Maks Orlovich wrote:
> Hi...
> Currently, in case of an accel conflict, we popup a very nice menu letting
> the user make a choice between the two options.. The menu is also navigable
> with keyboard -- except, as #55139 points out, one can't actually activate
> an item like that, since KShortcutMenu intercepts enter (and most other
> keys) and calls close().
> The attached patch fixes that; please review.

ping. If no one responds within a week, I think I'll have to commit -- I don't 
think that we can let bugs go unfixed because no-one reviews a nearly trivial 
patch that was posted 'just-in-case' :-(

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