PATCH: Make KShortcutMenu pass Enter, Return to QPopupMenu (#55139)

Maks Orlovich mo002j at
Thu May 1 04:53:19 BST 2003


Currently, in case of an accel conflict, we popup a very nice menu letting the 
user make a choice between the two options.. The menu is also navigable with 
keyboard -- except, as #55139 points out, one can't actually activate an item 
like that, since KShortcutMenu intercepts enter (and most other keys) and 
calls close(). 

The attached patch fixes that; please review. 

One issue remains though: with some widget styles (motif at least) QPopupMenu 
is style hinted to accept on a space press too. I am not quite sure of what's 
best to do with that.. I think the options are:

1. Just close() on space -- inconsistent for Motif and other 
SH_PopupMenu_SpaceActivatesItem-setting style users

2. close() on space when SH_PopupMenu_SpaceActivatesItem not set, pass it on 
to QPopup when it's set -- does what one expects(?) in each individual case, 
but inconsistent between styles..

3. Just pass it on to QPopup -- it'll activate for Motif, etc., users, do 
nothing for the rest. Somewhat inconsistent with most of other keys, however.


-Maks 'Should-be-doing-Galois-theory-Eagle' Orlovich.
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