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Ravikiran Rajagopal ravi at
Mon May 12 00:07:28 BST 2003

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> On Saturday May 10 2003 13:58, Stefan Gehn wrote:
> > Both MacClassic and XpLike show me a small blue rectangle with a few
> > flashing black/blue rectangles inside but nothing really working.
> Update: Found out that these where from some older ksplashml install back
> when it was committed to kdebase, now after a clean up and reinstall only
> the Standard Theme shows up.

Good. I can write a little script that deletes old installed files if it will 
be useful to other people.

> Still I think it should use the current splash 
> screen images mentioning 3.1 ;)

True. The images are placeholders until KSplash/ML becomes the default. I did 
not want to waste space in the CVS repository (and download times of CVS 
users) until necessary. I will change them as soon as I have the official 
blessing for the change. Also, it helps me keep track of the ksplash binary 
that is running :-)

If the 3.2 release schedule will be accelerated (see other threads in this 
list), I would like to make sure there are no obvious bugs in the current 
version that manifests itself only in particular situations. For that, I need 
a larger group of testers, and making this the default ksplash (without 
removing the current one) would provide a large enough pool of testers.

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