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Fri May 2 11:20:29 BST 2003

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On Friday 02 May 2003 12:08, Craig Drummond wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve noticed that the file tooltips in konqueror only contain meta
> information if the URL is a file:/ (however the tooltips do show thumbnails for other
> protocols). 
This is actually configurable, there's a list of protocols deemed "fast enough"
for getting thumbnails from.

> The meta info for the file tooltips comes from
> KFileItem::metaInfo(). This first checks if the URL is local, and if so it then obtains the
> meta info. The blockage seems to be in KURL – the isLocalFile() only return true
> for file:/ URLs
> i.e. does it really matter which protocol is used? If no host is specified,
> then surely the file is local? (The code above is a little out of date, but
> serves for the example).

Wrong thinking. Much code in KDE says
if (url.isLocalFile())
    then open url.path() directly.

So you can't change the meaning of isLocalFile - it really means, file:/

> Or would it be better to change KFIleItem to also get meta data if the URL
> has no host specified?

Yes, something like that - although some people might even want to get
metadata over SMB etc.? This is again a matter of defining "fast enough".
Maybe the solution is to use the same config as the "list of protocols from
which to get thumbnails", after renaming that list to something more general.

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