MEta-data in Konqueror file tooltips

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Fri May 2 11:08:44 BST 2003


I’ve noticed that the file tooltips in konqueror only contain meta
information if the URL is a file:/ (however the tooltips do show thumbnails for other
protocols). The meta info for the file tooltips comes from
KFileItem::metaInfo(). This first checks if the URL is local, and if so it then obtains the
meta info. The blockage seems to be in KURL – the isLocalFile() only return true
for file:/ URLs:

bool KURL::isLocalFile() const
  return ( ( m_strProtocol == fileProt ) && ( m_strHost.isEmpty()) &&
!hasSubURL() );

Would it be OK, to replace this with just:

bool KURL::isLocalFile() const
  return ( m_strHost.isEmpty()) && !hasSubURL();

i.e. does it really matter which protocol is used? If no host is specified,
then surely the file is local? (The code above is a little out of date, but
serves for the example).

Or would it be better to change KFIleItem to also get meta data if the URL
has no host specified?


p.s. Strangely enough, using the info-list view meta data is shown – then
when you switch back to iconview, the tooltips have their meta data.

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