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Rick Timmis Rick.Timmis at Abazander.com
Mon Dec 8 20:27:22 GMT 2014

Bless you Sebastian 

You expanded my think with clarity and intelligence, thank you.

I am sorry i SHOUTED, that was not necessary 

I agree re personal / organisational, I had not considered it from this point of view.

Best wishes


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On 1:44pm, 8 Dec 2014, at 1:44pm, "Sebastian K├╝gler" <sebas at kde.org> wrote:
>Hi Rick, all,
>On Sunday, December 07, 2014 00:26:08 Rick Timmis wrote:
>> STOP, That is Enough !!
>> This conversation does not belong here, it is devisive,
>confrontational and
>> can not be resolved here..
>That may be true for some replies, but it's not true for the discussion
>itself. KDE considers taking part in FOSDEM as an organization. FOSDEM
>as a 
>conference has different standards that what KDE considers,
>collectively, as 
>good practice, the specific item we're talking about here is a Code of 
>I agree that the discussion should be held level-headed instead of in 
>headless-chicken-mode. I also think KDE has a better chance of actually
>achieving something than individuals.
>In other words, it's well worth to think of this as an organization.
>that's exactly what this thread should be about.
>> WE - The KDE Community have a responsibility, and duty first and for
>most to
>> protect the unity of our community
>our community, in the wider sense, yes.
>> PLEASE Cease with this thread of conversation.
>> IF YOU Feel strongly on either side of this argument then please make
>> feelings known directly to the organisers of FOSDEM
>It's an issue at organizational level, it should be handled at
>level, not at individual level. KDE is organizing its participation,
>not just 
>individuals who want to attend.
>Please keep the discussion level-headed and productive. While the topic
>not be pleasant to discuss (or read its discussions), it's an important
>discussion to have, and this is the right place for it.
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