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Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Mon Dec 8 13:44:38 GMT 2014

Hi Rick, all,

On Sunday, December 07, 2014 00:26:08 Rick Timmis wrote:
> STOP, That is Enough !!
> This conversation does not belong here, it is devisive, confrontational and
> can not be resolved here..

That may be true for some replies, but it's not true for the discussion 
itself. KDE considers taking part in FOSDEM as an organization. FOSDEM as a 
conference has different standards that what KDE considers, collectively, as 
good practice, the specific item we're talking about here is a Code of 

I agree that the discussion should be held level-headed instead of in 
headless-chicken-mode. I also think KDE has a better chance of actually 
achieving something than individuals.

In other words, it's well worth to think of this as an organization. And 
that's exactly what this thread should be about.

> WE - The KDE Community have a responsibility, and duty first and for most to
> protect the unity of our community

our community, in the wider sense, yes.

> PLEASE Cease with this thread of conversation.
> IF YOU Feel strongly on either side of this argument then please make you
> feelings known directly to the organisers of FOSDEM

It's an issue at organizational level, it should be handled at organizational 
level, not at individual level. KDE is organizing its participation, not just 
individuals who want to attend.


Please keep the discussion level-headed and productive. While the topic might 
not be pleasant to discuss (or read its discussions), it's an important 
discussion to have, and this is the right place for it.


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