[Digikam-users] canon cameras identified by ubuntu 12.04 and digikam but no access to image-files

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Sun Aug 25 18:01:12 BST 2013

Windows 7 - no idea.

Ubuntu - I run Debian and see a similar message.  If you un-mount the 
camera (go to the file explorer and click the up arrow next to the 
camera) then try again in DigiKam it should work.  It is possible to set 
it up so that you don't need to do this, but I can't remember how off hand.


On 23/08/13 16:17, Javier Hurtado wrote:
> hello.
> i don't know what to do. i am a photographer and used to have an old 
> xp computer, which has been replaced by an ubuntu 12.04  and a windows 
> 7 machines. on windows xp i used the canon software with no problems. 
> now none of the two machines will do the job. (the windows 7 machine 
> has a problem with drivers that it doesn't want to install and i am 
> fed up with it, because i cannot find a solution anywhere. i even have 
> purchased drivereasy to install the missing drivers, but even these 
> program will not do it. if someone could help me out with this i would 
> appreciate it a lot.)
> the ubuntu machine recognizes the cameras same as digikam, but as long 
> as i want to access the image-files in the cameras, it pops up 
> following message:
> "Failed to connect to the camera. Please make sure it is connected 
> properly and turned on. Would you like to try again?"
> i have a canon eos 500D and an ixus115 HS. i have the same problems on 
> both cameras on both computers. i have already tried it out on a third 
> windows 7 computer. on this machine the computer recognizes each 
> camera and installs the correct drivers automatically.
> i am not a computer-geek, but i am far enough to know that windows is 
> everything but a user-friendly system, which has made my life more 
> difficult for the past 20 years. about ubuntu i know that it is a much 
> better and reliable system, however only if you know the technical 
> background...
> i am new with ubuntu and fed up with windows, nevertheless most of the 
> programs i use work just on windows. therefore i am looking forward to 
> be able to use all the alternative linux programs, but since i don't 
> understand most of it, i feel like stranded. i really need these 
> applications to work as they should. i am really desperate. i hope 
> somebody can help me out with this.
> looking forward for a reply from your side
> kind regards
> javier
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