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Wed Aug 1 20:43:10 CEST 2007

On 8/1/07, Maximilian Kossick <mkossick at> wrote:
> Hi
> i've been wondering for a few days why the svgs for our new plasma applets
> do
> not work for me, and today i was able to figure it out:
> cmake installs them to desktoptheme/amarok-default/widgets, but plasma
> looks
> for them in desktoptheme/default/widgets, unless one edits plasmarc and
> adds
> an entry which points amarok's embedded plasma at the new directory.
> The problem is that the svgs do not work unless one edits plasmarc, which
> is
> clearly unacceptable. Additionally, we won't be able to add our applets to
> the kde4 desktop if we store the svgs in our own theme directory.

Yes, this is how it currently works. I am discussing this method with
panel-devel ( i sent them an email yesterday regarding this issue ).
It appears aseigo has no particular qualms to changing the current

Afaict the code in Plasma::Theme seems to be all or nothing: either the
> image
> or svg is part of the current theme, or it is not: what happens if
> somebody
> changes the theme of the kde4 desktop and wants to add amarok applets to
> it?
> At the moment it won't load the applets at all, but doesn't it make more
> sense to degrade gracefully, e.g. use images/svgs from the default theme
> instead of not loading them at all?

Leo, is there a particular reason that you put the svgs into their own theme
> directory instead of just installing them in the default plasma theme? And
> do
> you know if the plasma guys have a plan for handling incomplete themes?

We cannot simply install our svgs into the default plasma theme, because
some names conflict. We could, i guess, prefix all amarok svg names in order
to namespace them. But I do not see why we *should* install our theme to the
global desktoptheme/.

Regardless of where we install our default theme, we want to be able to
control the theme selection in amarokrc, not in plasmarc, so I'll follow up
on that on panel-devel.


Cheers, Max
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