[Uml-user] bigger workspace request

cosmonate cosmo cosmonate at gmx.at
Wed Feb 26 03:31:13 UTC 2003

hi guys!
first of all! -> i like your program very much!!!!
nice and fast modelling!!

but i have one big problem! and i think i'm not the only one!!

when i'm modelling databases i do not have enough space!!!!!!!

same happens when modelling java frontends and apps!

since i know that there is no way to enlarge the workspace i'll request this
as a feature in one of your next releases! or as a patch! -> that would be
great, otherwhise i'll have to use another uml tool, but i like the speed and
ease of use that offers umbrello to me! 
all of the other uml tools are java-slow-ugly, or lack in functionality ->
so come on and please help me!!

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