[Uml-user] bigger workspace request

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Feb 26 06:46:15 UTC 2003

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, cosmonate cosmo wrote:

> when i'm modelling databases i do not have enough space!!!!!!!

Interesting that you use it to model databases.  We had a request for
entity relation diagrams not so long ago but currently you'd have to
kludge relations and relationships into object and associations.  Unless
it was an OO database I guess.

> since i know that there is no way to enlarge the workspace i'll request this
> as a feature in one of your next releases! or as a patch! -> that would be
> great, otherwhise i'll have to use another uml tool, but i like the speed and
> ease of use that offers umbrello to me!
> all of the other uml tools are java-slow-ugly, or lack in functionality ->
> so come on and please help me!!

You're in luck, the version in KDE's CVS includes an automatically
resizing canvas, a much needed feature I have to agree.

Details of how to get the KDE CVS source are on the download page and it
should compile with KDE 3.1.  It also includes other new features and
might not be entirely bug free.

Jonathan Riddell

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