umbrello build

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Sep 14 06:42:59 UTC 2016

>         include_directories(${CLANG_INCLUDE_DIRS})
>         add_definitions(${CLANG_DEFINITIONS})
>     endif()
> I'm going add this stuff to git master.
>> I have centos7 and ubuntu14.04 docker images that I will use to test
>> the build as well. I don't have access to Mac or Windows at the moment.
> for windows see above.
> > or should we call FindClang at a higher level so the vars are
> available to others? I could drop it in the top-level cmake directory.
> As long as we are using testcases only it should be in unittests to
> reduce hidden interferences. Later with more experience and having
> llvm support build into main umbrello we can move this up.

To proceed with clang ast base import I suggest to open a related bug
with severity 'wishlist' containing an abstract what you want to do.
>From writing the recent test case I think it is required to:
1. be able to setup an include file list to let the parser find related
header files
2. setup language options (which c++ standard, additional options, may
be later using a user dialog)
3. setup preprocesser (default and custom defines: may be it is possible
to extract them later from a present build system)
4. Inspect umbrello source how to add a clang based c++ importer.
5. Fork and try to implement a clang
based c++ import Implementation
6. Until the clang based parser is ready it is required to add it as an
c++ import alternative to the gui

A good starting point may be to extend the present test case to get more
in contact with clang api.

testcase related BTW: git master got two new commits:
- The llvm test cases are now command line application on Windows
supported stdout and stderr
- testcase classes and files follows common umbrello style


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