[Uml-devel] Start of SoC

Oliver Kellogg okellogg at users.sourceforge.net
Wed May 21 15:33:34 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 21 May 2008 17:38, Gopala Krishna wrote:
> [...] I will start solid coding from today onwards. As stated I will
> first fit the umlscene and convert all umlwidgets to inherit from
> QGraphicsItem i.e remove Q3Canvas dependancy. My main idea is to
> finish off the first stage of port (all widgets, views , canvases) in
> next 10 - 13 days. I hope i can do that in best possible way :-)

Wow. Less than a fortnight? Sounds like some stiff coding ;)

> I have a question regarding style of coding as there is mixed styles
> used in the codebase

Right. I had seen that too and had applied "astyle" (http://astyle.sf.net)
with default settings to the whole code around the time the 3.5 branch was
created. At least that got rid of the horrible tabs but there is still some 
mixture of styles.

> 1) Is "if (condition)" preferred over "if(condition)"  ?  (notice
> whitespace after if)

Whitespace between keyword and opening parenthesis, i.e.

    if (condition)

but if you insist on

    if ( condition )

then I won't be the one to edit that away :)

> 2) Also is "func( int x )" preferred over "func(int x)" ?

The second (see above)

> 3) Finally I am bit confused with variable names like m_nSomeInt and
> m_SomeProperty. Should i use that Hungarian like notation ?

Member variables should start with "m_".
Integer member variables should start with "m_n".
Boolean member variables should start with "m_b".
AFAICT the rest is up to you.

Hope this helps & good luck


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