[Uml-devel] Start of SoC

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Wed May 21 15:38:04 UTC 2008

Hi friends,
   Firstly i would like to humbly apologize everyone here as i was
pretty inactive for last 8-10 days thanks to my college tests.
 Till now i have managed to create a separate branch and merge the
changes. Also i have worked quite a lot with umlscene.h and .cpp which
i altered from umlview.h and umlview.cpp.

Now that my college tests are over and my exams are some 20-25 days
away, I will start solid coding from today onwards. As stated I will
first fit the umlscene and covert all umlwidgets to inherit from
QGraphicsItem i.e remove Q3Canvas dependancy. My main idea is to
finish of the first stage of port (all widgets, views , canvases) in
next 10 - 13 days. I hope i can do that in best possible way :-)

I have a question regarding style of coding as there is mixed styles
used in the codebase
1) Is "if (condition)" preferred over "if(condition)"  ?  (notice
whitespace after if)
2) Also is "func( int x )" preferred over "func(int x)" ?
3) Finally I am bit confused with variable names like m_nSomeInt and
m_SomeProperty. Should i use that Hungarian like notation ?

Gopala Krishna A

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