[Uml-devel] Start of SoC

Gopala Krishna krishna.ggk at gmail.com
Wed May 21 17:41:54 UTC 2008

>> next 10 - 13 days. I hope i can do that in best possible way :-)
> Wow. Less than a fortnight? Sounds like some stiff coding ;)

He he.. Probably i over estimated it..   (my batteries are charged
after a week of silence ;) )
Anyways i will get started and see how well i can proceed.

>> 1) Is "if (condition)" preferred over "if(condition)"  ?  (notice
>> whitespace after if)
> Whitespace between keyword and opening parenthesis, i.e.
>    if (condition)
Ok, i too prefer this.

>> 3) Finally I am bit confused with variable names like m_nSomeInt and
>> m_SomeProperty. Should i use that Hungarian like notation ?
> Member variables should start with "m_".
> Integer member variables should start with "m_n".
> Boolean member variables should start with "m_b".
> AFAICT the rest is up to you.

Thanks, i will follow these.

BTW question to EMACSeans here
 i wanted to know what style(c-set-style) can be used in emacs to suit
umbrello ? I am using ellemtel currently.

> Hope this helps & good luck
Thank you.

Gopala Krishna A

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