[Uml-devel] argoUML-like association placing

Anthony Parent anthony.parent at intel.com
Thu Feb 23 14:08:11 UTC 2006

I for one would be interested.

To make a patch, download the "makepatch" perl script (just google for makepatch, 
you'll find it.) You will need an "original" copy of the code, and your changed 
version. Follow the directions from makepatch, tar up the result and send it. (Adding 
a config option to select the style of line routing would make things easier for 
others who may not want this style.)

Just my $0.02,


Marius Helf said the following on 02/23/06 12:36:
> Hello,
> I have been using Umbrello for quite a while, but there always was one thing I 
> was not happy with: the automatic placing of associations.
> As now a nice flu seems to be in love with me, I had some time to implement an 
> argoUML-like behaviour, meaning:
> - umbrello tries to create "straight" lines (meaning horizontal or vertival)
> - if that is not possible, it tries to get as near as possible to that aim
> - you can move a straight line by dragging it with the mouse (if it is a 
> direct connection between two classes)
> - if moving the line itself is not possible, it inserts a new moving point at 
> the mouse position; this is removed, if it is seated on a straight line 
> between its neighbours after moving
> - adding and removing moving points via double click is still possible
> If someone is interested in this code (and can tell me how to create a 
> patch ;), I will post a patch to this list. My work is done on 1.5.1 source 
> though, because I could not compile the svn-version (kept demanding qt4). 

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