[Uml-devel] argoUML-like association placing

Marius Helf marius.helf at gmx.de
Thu Feb 23 15:27:02 UTC 2006

Alright, here is the patch (against 1.5.1 source). It should work, but there 
is still some cleanup to do.
All the changes are in associationwidget.cpp .


On Thursday 23 February 2006 23:06, Anthony Parent wrote:
> I for one would be interested.
> To make a patch, download the "makepatch" perl script (just google for
> makepatch, you'll find it.) You will need an "original" copy of the code,
> and your changed version. Follow the directions from makepatch, tar up the
> result and send it. (Adding a config option to select the style of line
> routing would make things easier for others who may not want this style.)
> Just my $0.02,
> TonyP
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