[Uml-devel] Refactoring the code base -- what should be done?

Pekka Jääskeläinen pjaaskel at cs.tut.fi
Wed Sep 22 23:55:03 UTC 2004

Good morning,

BTW, could the admin of this list change the default reply-to to be
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> Certainly. Off the top of my head:

Is this list a complete TODO list to get Umbrello to the wanted design?

> - Look at Andy's OMF2 implementation
>   -  He doesn't use Qt, just the C++ STL classes (std::string etc.)
>      What shall we do? Change Umbrello or change the OMF?

I have no idea what the OMF actually does. Andy, do you have some
documentation for it? For example, Doxygen API docs? Anyways, if it
doesn't handle anything about visualization, then it's purely model
stuff and I think we shouldn't even have a smell of Qt in that part.

IMO it would make sense to keep the model as portable as possible and
have minimal logic in the UI code. The layouting algorithm could be
portable too. Isn't it about drawing to a canvas and receiving events
when certain components are selected. It would be great if most of the
code could be easily ported to other environments than Qt.

Additionally, should the standard be easily changed or tie the system
to UML?

>   -  Get an idea of how the umbrello document classes would need to
>      change in order to become compatible with the OMF interfaces

Just a question (I don't know the overall state of the design of

Would it make sense to go the other way around with this? I mean not
trying to think how Umbrello could be changed, but think about how the
high level architecture *should* look like, and then think which parts
of the current Umbrello code base could be used in the new design?

Basically it could mean that the high level architecture is modeled
first and everyone could introduce their ideas. After most people are
satisifed with it, proceed with implementation (which can be partly
copy-pasted from Umbrello).

Andrew Sutton, do you have some kind of architecture design 
documentation (even a diagram) of the Umbrello 2 you seemed to
have started some time ago (but now halted)? Could the work on
that be continued?


-- PJ

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