[Uml-devel] Thoughts on Umbrello 1.3

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Fri Jan 23 01:28:02 UTC 2004

BARTKO, Zoltan <bartko.zoltan at pobox.sk> [040123 09:56]:
> I see some eXtreme programming ideas emerging here... Excuse me, but I don't
> see why the use of eXtreme programming principles should cause a problem
> with the design. As far as I know, the above methodology states you first
> plan the whole thing and then implement

Not really I think. You write your stories you like to fulfil and then
implement them. If the design needs to be changed to implement another story
you have to do it for the next story.

> I have a suggestion: If we choose to do things the eXtreme programming way,
> we could set up Xplanner on the site to manage the project
> (www.xplanner.org).

No, please not more administration overhead. We already have to incorporate
a test framework. If we really need some kind of task tracking feature we
can use the sourceforge.net possibilities.

Andrew: What do you think should/could be done first for starting with your
code base? Have you already some test cases? If not I would say we first
choose a test framework and add test cases for the already existing code.
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