[Uml-devel] Thoughts on Umbrello 1.3

Andrew Sutton asutton at cs.kent.edu
Mon Jan 26 13:47:31 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 21 January 2004 05:34 pm, Sebastian Stein wrote:
> I like to suggest another way, just thoughts. We start with Andrew's work
> and enchance it in small steps. Every step would be devided into 3 parts:
> a) define a test case which will fail, because the code isn't there at the
> moment
> b) implement the feature
> c) test it, if it works the next feature can be defined

hia ll... sorry i've been out for a while. our email server crashed and i 
still can't get email at home. today's the first day i've been at school 
since thursday and the first time i've been reading email since monday.

i like sebastian's idea. start with my stuff ;) luis, using the omf, you don't 
need to write any of the uml objects - they're all there. ALL of them and 
they all work (although i've been a bit... lazy about thorough testing).

you can actually use it to build a UML modeller as is. granted, there's a bug 
in the file loader that prevents loading uml models in my public release, but 
i've fixed that. you can actually build the tree view to contain packages, 
classes, attributes, etc and support context menus for creating new objects 
and dialogs for configuring existing objects. i've got something like that 
that lets me create uml profiles (containers of stereotypes) that i haven't 
published just yet. i think it would be a great first step to build that as a 
kpart. you could even package some extra functionality like a profile 
organizer for your model and model library imports (like importing a C++ 
model that contains classes for the std namespace).

as we're building that we talk about design for the notation and drawing 
components of the platform - and these aren't going to be easy.

by the way, i'm currently revising some of the internal functionality of the 
omf core to support imports for profiles and model libraries. if i can 
motivate myself to do some really hardcore coding tomorrow, i might be able 
to publish a new version of the omf by the end of the week. this version 
should be 90-95% ready to be used for a modeling tool.


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