[Uml-devel] Umbrello icon proposal

BARTKO, Zoltan bartko.zoltan at pobox.sk
Mon Apr 26 05:43:30 UTC 2004

Being this only a proposal, everything is possible.

The tool I use is Inkscape, though being a gtk/gnome app, I love it, it
works like charm. And yes, they are available as SVG, though I had some
problems with viewing them in Konqueror (however, I am working on that). The
license for icons is normally do-with-it-what-you-want (DWIWYW) a.k.a. LGPL.

Other icons are to follow.

If text is not ok, I will replace it with XYZ ar anything similar. The arrow
icon will be replaced (I would suggest a crosshair, though).

I have to go now. Have 1..* nice day


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> On Sun, Apr 25, 2004 at 01:25:25PM +0200, BARTKO, Zoltan wrote:
> >    About a year ago I mentioned I would volunteer to make a new set of
> >    icons for umbrello. It seems, I need some time get things done, but I
> >    have something for you in this matter. Have a look at
> I'm impressed these could be really good.  Some points:
> We need icons for diagram types as well, I recommend a white filled
> box with a thin black border and a relvant item or two from the digram
> type.
> These are SVGs yes?  So we'll get the SVG sources and all that?
> (Licence has to be LGPL with an exception with add-on as in
> kdelibs/pics/LICENSE.crystalsvg)
> Words should be avoided for icons so I think "Text" can be replaced
> with "ABC" or something suitable".
> How do they look at 22x22, that being the important size for most of
> them?
> All the associations should be in the same direction currently you
> have some on the diagonal and some vertical.  Mind also that
> composition, aggregation and containment have their diamond/circles at
> the other end from the arrowed associations.
> Don't know how well the arrow icon works since it doesn't look like a
> typical mouse pointer.
> Icons for the properties dialogues on classes and other items would be
> groovy.
> They do look very nice though.
> Jonathan
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