[Uml-devel] Umbrello icon proposal

BARTKO, Zoltan bartko.zoltan at pobox.sk
Thu Apr 29 08:17:19 UTC 2004

Hello folks,

the updated version of the icons is available at


Added: target (instead of the arrow icon in the toolbar), diagram icons (all
8 diags).
Modified: associations, Text exchanged for XYZ

The icons are 16, 22, 32, 48, 64 and 128 pixels wide. Unfortunately the SVG
version is not prepared for shipping yet (inkscape seems to have some
problems with what they call "plain SVG" and Konqueror nor Nautilus does
render the SVG images correctly), so I export the images as 128x128 px sized
images that I later convert with ImageMagick convert to lower size images.

Suggestions are welcome. The smaller image sizes will have to be edited yet,
I know, but currently I am in the state of finishing my final year project
at the university (using Umbrello as a design tool, what else ;) ) so I
don't have too much time to do that.



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