[Uml-devel] 9 bug fixes

Oliver Kellogg Oliver.Kellogg at t-online.de
Fri Apr 9 14:13:04 UTC 2004

Hi Piotr,

Sounds very interesting!

On Tuesday I changed associationwidget.{h,cpp}
to fix the one bug that association lines cross
when they shouldn't.

Could you please have a look at the modification -
perhaps it covers a part of what you have done?

Anyway, you can send your patch to uml-devel, I'll
try it out and put it in the CVS.



"Piotr KoŁaczkowski" <P.Kolaczkowski at elka.pw.edu.pl> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've got bad and good news for you:
> The bad:
> 4 days ago (on Monday) I downloaded Umbrello from CVS and I noticed there are 
> some annoying bugs
> 1. Image export "eats" FloatingText widgets that are too far away (it seems 
> they aren't taken into consideration in diagram bounding rectangle 
> calculation).
> 2. It is not possible to move association's name / multiplicity / etc. after 
> adding the association to the diagram. Closing and reopening the diagram 
> helps, though.
> 3. The algorithm for resolving association lines' crossings doesn't work for 
> more than 2 points long association LinePaths. In other cases it also 
> sometimes fails.
> 4. Association lines are sometimes connected to wrong regions of widgets (e.g. 
> class boxes) and may even cross the widgets. This happens when widgets are 
> large - for example a class having 20 operations.
> 5. Association name doesn't move when I move the "role A" widget.
> 6. Association name moves only one way when the option "snap to grid" is 
> active. Besides the distance of this move is miscalculated.
> 7. Placing association to self mixed with "normal" associations makes diagram 
> look awfully - crossing lines that in some cases cannot be adjusted manually.
> 8. "Snap to grid" is almost useless because it doesn't help placing lines 
> horizontally or vertically (and it almost always disallowes to do so).
> 9. Initial and end widget for activity and state diagrams seems to have 
> association lines connected to the edges, not center. This is ok, when these 
> association lines are vertical or horizontal, but in other cases this looks 
> strange.
> 10. Reopening the document moves some descriptions on the diagram. 
> And here is the good one:
> I'VE CORRECTED ALL OF THEM EXCEPT THE 10th (I work on it, but it is not so 
> annoying as previous 9). It took me less than an hour to find what is where - 
> thank you very much for documentation in comments :). I didn't have time to 
> report these bugs using "the official way".
> How can I commit all these changes to the CVS? I do not have a good connection  
> to the Internet (only a 56k modem), so I'd rather not fill any long forms on 
> the web to gain write access to the CVS tree and I'd like to send only the 
> changed files if possible.
> Best regards,
> Piotr Kolaczkowski

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