[Uml-devel] 9 bug fixes

Piotr Kołaczkowski P.Kolaczkowski at elka.pw.edu.pl
Fri Apr 9 13:39:03 UTC 2004


I've got bad and good news for you:

The bad:

4 days ago (on Monday) I downloaded Umbrello from CVS and I noticed there are 
some annoying bugs

1. Image export "eats" FloatingText widgets that are too far away (it seems 
they aren't taken into consideration in diagram bounding rectangle 

2. It is not possible to move association's name / multiplicity / etc. after 
adding the association to the diagram. Closing and reopening the diagram 
helps, though.

3. The algorithm for resolving association lines' crossings doesn't work for 
more than 2 points long association LinePaths. In other cases it also 
sometimes fails.

4. Association lines are sometimes connected to wrong regions of widgets (e.g. 
class boxes) and may even cross the widgets. This happens when widgets are 
large - for example a class having 20 operations.

5. Association name doesn't move when I move the "role A" widget.

6. Association name moves only one way when the option "snap to grid" is 
active. Besides the distance of this move is miscalculated.

7. Placing association to self mixed with "normal" associations makes diagram 
look awfully - crossing lines that in some cases cannot be adjusted manually.

8. "Snap to grid" is almost useless because it doesn't help placing lines 
horizontally or vertically (and it almost always disallowes to do so).

9. Initial and end widget for activity and state diagrams seems to have 
association lines connected to the edges, not center. This is ok, when these 
association lines are vertical or horizontal, but in other cases this looks 

10. Reopening the document moves some descriptions on the diagram. 

And here is the good one:

I'VE CORRECTED ALL OF THEM EXCEPT THE 10th (I work on it, but it is not so 
annoying as previous 9). It took me less than an hour to find what is where - 
thank you very much for documentation in comments :). I didn't have time to 
report these bugs using "the official way".

How can I commit all these changes to the CVS? I do not have a good connection  
to the Internet (only a 56k modem), so I'd rather not fill any long forms on 
the web to gain write access to the CVS tree and I'd like to send only the 
changed files if possible.

Best regards,
Piotr Kolaczkowski

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