[Uml-devel] Forward: deeper freeze

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Tue Nov 11 06:19:07 UTC 2003

I think I can say that the excellent work in getting Umbrello ready
for a release has been continuing well.

The message below from our release dude below points out some new
rules: any patch larger than one line has to be reviewed by someone
(put it on a webserver and post a URL to this list, whoever sees it
first can OK it), from next Monday any commits have to be related to a
bug with severity of major.

So the beasties we have to tackle are:

59774 crash when cutting last diagram left
 - this is a tricky one

67222 Umbrello crashes while removing operations from classes
 - I havn't investigated this, presumably needs some investigation to
see if there is a problem and how to solve it

67419 duplicate entries in tree view from moving objects, deleting
 - Again this needs some investigation to see if there is a problem
and exactly what it is

67765 crash when deleting last parameter of an operation
 - I can't reproduce this

65502 C++ code generator is broken, maybe other as well
 - I think this can be closed now?


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From: Stephan Kulow <coolo at kde.org>
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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:43:30 +0100
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Subject: deeper freeze
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The actual freeze didn't really work out as expected. The
rate of reorganizing commits isn't really what it should be
in this time of release schedule ;(

Starting with tomorrow I'd like to emphasize the release
freeze even more in applying the following commit rules:
* all non-oneliner commits have to have an "reviewed by"
  line where another developer, that can be expected to know
  the topic, is named that gave his ok.
* all commits to kdelibs + kdebase have to be posted to 
  kde-core-devel first (the only exception to this are apidocs 
  changes and artwork changes)

Starting with next monday (17.11) the extra rule applies:
* Every commit to released modules beside kde-i18n have 
  to contain a bug number with severity >= major. I'm trying 
  to watch the activities around bugs.kde.org as close as I can,
  so make reasonable use of the severities.

So far I count 50 confirmed bugs >= major. Every other bug 
can wait for 3.2.1. We made excellent progress and KDE CVS 
is an excellent shape (if you look at the 50 bugs, you'll figure that
most of them aren't new) - it just got some rough edges.

Everyone that isn't able to help with the big bugs I'd like to ask 
to test (e.g. move away your .kde for a moment and look at 
KDE as a user :) and/or send Lauri patches for updated docu
(but avoid duplicated work and check 
http://people.fruitsalad.org/lauri/doc-patches/ before you start

Greetings, Stephan
P.S. feedback and discussion welcome - I'm little disappointed
  on the little feedback I get about the schedule.

There may be no I in TEAM, but a M and an E.

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