[Uml-devel] u2 user interface

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Tue Mar 25 07:37:09 UTC 2003

Andrew Sutton <ansutton at kent.edu> [030325 16:23]:
> > Maybe we should take a look in the area of data warehouses and data marts.
> > I like to mention some terms like:
> >
> > - drill down and roll up
> > - slice and dice
> > - visualize (change kind of visualization like pie or bar chart)
> > - drill-trough
> > - pivot
> it might not hurt to provide definitions of some of these things - i'm not 
> really sure what they all are. i know what drill down is. i suspect that roll 
> up is moving to a higher level of abstraction. slice and dice? creating views 
> based on dynamic queries?

That isn't easy, but ok, here you go!

- to pivot:
To exchange the dimensions of the cube. It is like rotating.

- drill through:
In an UML diagram it would be, that you could double click on a use case
used in an use case diagram and another use case diagram is opened, which
describes the clicked use case more in detail.

- dice:
Image a big cube as your modell. Now you dice into it and look at a small
cube part of the big one. The dimensions remain the same, you just changed
the value range.

- slice:
Take a knive and cut the cube in slices. By doing this you focus on a

- drill down and roll-up
Getting more details and the other way around, getting an overview.
> if we can find ways to support these visually, we'll do it.

These are the basic technics to navigate through an UML modell. It is just a
thing to think about. It doesn't say anything about it how to handle it.
These are just operations you can do with every modell.
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