[Uml-devel] UI for new code generator

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Mar 12 11:28:13 UTC 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Brian Thomas wrote:
> 	I've put together a small cartoon diagraming how I would construct the
> 	user interface for the new code generator. I would like to largely re-use
> 	the layout in the current tool, simply replacing functionality of some
> 	windows as is needed. I believe the following functionality is needed:

Excellent that you're interested in improving it.  Is that a definate
volunteer?  :)

> 	 - a tree view of all the classes that you have loaded into Umbrello. This
> 	   tree view is just like the current one for the "Logical View" except that
> 	   it omits the diagram stubs... in other words only the classes and their
> 	   properties are shown.

Any improved code generator should include interfaces as well as classes.
What's the point in the tree view in this instance?  Is it just something
to refer to?  Would it have any functionality?

> 	- a language-oriented global parameter control box for code generation.
> 	  Things that might go in here include the style of comments to generate,
> 	  if you want high comment verbosity, if you want accessor methods generated, etc.
> 	  Part of the controls will be language specific and change based on what
> 	  you have selected as the current language to generate.

Sounds great.  Not quite sure how the programming interface for that would
be, if each code generator would have to define a widget with the
checkboxes and lineedits to be used or if some clever extendable interface
would be possible saying I want this option and it should use a lineedit.

> 	- a class template control box. You should be able to override
> global
>   	   code generation parameters for this particular class here.
> Class selection
> 	  is via the tree view (just click it). You can get a control
> box for attributes
> 	  and associations by clicking on the child attributes of the
> class in the tree view.

Not quite sure what the global code generation parameters are here.  I
think I get what the tree view is for though now.

> 	- a code view window, which shows you what code will be generated and
>  	  indicates roughly which attributes in the tree generate which parts of the
> 	  code. Nominally, you should be able to edit the code in this window and
> 	  have your edits "stick".

That last sentence will be difficult, but something to aim for.


Jonathan Riddell

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