[Uml-devel] Re: Uml-devel digest, Vol 1 #739 - 11 msgs

Oliver Kellogg Oliver.Kellogg at t-online.de
Mon Dec 15 14:36:01 UTC 2003

Achim Spangler wrote:
> My real problem:
> If I try to move class diagram elements, Umbrello seems to recalculate "the 
> world" - i.e. my machine gets a very high load with a lot of swapping. This 
> behaviour is quite new.
> Interesting side note:
> As long as the move of a class or note doesn't trigger the recalculation of 
> connections, everything is very quick.
> Is it possible, that it depends on the new association handling?

I tried to investigate this using two classes connected by two
I moved the second class around and the load was as expected.
However, moving the first class around put excessive load
on the system!
Now, don't ask me why this is so - I have no clue.

It looks like a peculiarity of Qt to me - I profiled the
phenomenon, and I get between 50 and 80 percent of CPU usage
from this one call:

QValueListPrivate<QCanvasItem*>::~QValueListPrivate [in-charge]()

Unfortunately the call emerges spontaneously, i.e. the profile
does not show the call chain.

For comparison, I made the same test with an older umbrello
version (May-2003) and I get the exact same behaviour.



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