[Uml-devel] Re: Uml-devel digest, Vol 1 #739 - 11 msgs

Oliver Kellogg Oliver.Kellogg at t-online.de
Mon Dec 15 15:09:00 UTC 2003

On second thought, it's not quite so mysterious.

In my test, the first class is the one with the aggregation
diamonds, and in fact, LinePath::calculateHead() shows up
second in the profile. I think it's an expensive operation,
and it's getting called far too often. I will look into
a fix for this shortly.


Oliver Kellogg wrote:
> I tried to investigate this using two classes connected by two
> aggregations.
> I moved the second class around and the load was as expected.
> However, moving the first class around put excessive load
> on the system!
> Now, don't ask me why this is so - I have no clue.
> It looks like a peculiarity of Qt to me - I profiled the
> phenomenon, and I get between 50 and 80 percent of CPU usage
> from this one call:
> QValueListPrivate<QCanvasItem*>::~QValueListPrivate [in-charge]()
> Unfortunately the call emerges spontaneously, i.e. the profile
> does not show the call chain.

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