[Uml-devel] Re: UML Future

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Mon Jul 8 01:14:02 UTC 2002

Hi all,
I'm new here but this is what I think on this subject....

> I have been getting alot of request for the program to run under Windows.

would be really nice to have it running on windows too.... although if we
port all the great linux apps to windows, then they are never going switch =))

> 2) Isn't really a good free UML editor that runs under Windows (that I

argo uml runs on windows (java). I found it when I was looking for a
uml-program (same time I found UML Modeller) and it is really impressive. it
analyses your design and gives you tipps and everything, but I didnt like that it is
*too* java oriented (not only the code generation, everything) and that the
GUI really sucks. I dont know why, but most of the java apps I've seen look
pretty ugly and the UI is not so nice.

> 1) Keep going as it is. i.e. KDE only program.

If you want to make it run on windows you'd have to port a lot of KDE
too.... too much work I think. (or isnt already there a port??)
> 2) Release 1.0.4. then convert to be QT only program and let anyone who 
> wants to use it on Windows buy QT. (Not really worth it)

I think that's not correct... I am not a licence expert, but so far I know
there is a QT version for windows which you can use for free as long as you
give your program and the source for free too. If you want to keep UML Modeller
open, you can use this version of QT, and the only disadvantage you get is
that you dont get the sources for QT, but I dont think you really need them.
If you want to distribute uml for windows, I guess you are thinking of
binary versions, so it should be possible to statically link qt into it.

> 3) Rewrite and Redesign (really needed) using a cross platform toolkit
> that 
> is available on all platforms (Windows/Linux). I was thinking of 
> Delphi/Klyix but Java could be used.

I would not really like this option. You'd have to re-write everything from
scratch, and if you want people to contribute code to uml, they are going to
be harder to find if its written in Delphi/Klyix. In my opinion C++ is the
best language, but then again that´s a matter of taste.
Java could also be used, but like I said, most java apps tend to have a
really bad UI. I dont know if the java UI libraries are just too ugly or if the
programmers are too lazy to make a good, nice-looking interface.

> Please let me know asap if you want a say.

OK.-  I would like to have a KDE version for all of us who want to still run
it on linux.
I havent really seen the code in detail, but I think there are not too many
parts that are KDE specific, are there?? (Actions, Toolbars, File dialogs)...
I dont know if it would be too much work but I'd say try to reduce to a
minum the KDE-specific parts, that means, if a part works the same in QT and KDE,
then make it QT, and only if there is some advantage in the KDE part leave
it.  and then make two versions, one for KDE and one for QT. People using
linux use KDE, people using Windows use QT.

A QT only version (no KDE at all) would be easier to mantain, but there are
some little details, like the file dialogs, which are much more better in KDE
than in plain QT. 

just my HO.



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