[Uml-devel] code generation

Luis De la Parra lparrab at gmx.net
Tue Jul 2 01:02:07 UTC 2002


CodeGenerator has now  all the features we had talked about (paul) :
(cleaning names when with spaces, including heading/license files in output, etc.
and is all configurable.

I just have to do some tests and make uml actually use this options before
sending you the code (paul), and if you dont mind I would like to change the
wizard a little bit (is that ok?)

Another thing I want to change is that now uml shows the available languages
everytime it starts, which is quite anoying so I'm going to change it to
behave as follows:

-at startup look in "plugins" directory for all libraries automatically. 
* if it finds a library it already knows, it does nothing (that means, it
keeps the information of what languages in that library the user wants to see).
* if it finds a new library it pops up the dialog showing the new languages
available so that the user knows, and has the option to "deselect" some
languages from that library.
* if it does not find a library registered with uml, it discards all the
languages that were provided for that library. (maybe show a dialog to inform of

-the add/remove languages dialog is not needed anymore since uml will find
them automatically.. so maybe just leave it in case the user wants to
de-register a language in a library (but leave other languages from the same lib) and
maybe later re-register it again (I have no idea why someone would want to
do that, but you never know)

question: how does that sound?

oh!, something else:
codegenerator now supports default values in operation parameters and the
cppwriter generates virtual methods for "abstract" operations.. but I dont know
how to interpret a "abstract class" ?? how does that translate to a cpp
class? I thought maybe a class with all methods pure virtual, but I didnt
implement it since I was not sure...

another thing I dont know how to translate to cpp is the default value for
attributes... if there were a constructor then it'd be ok to initialize them
there, but what happens if there is no constructor? or should I add a default
constructor even if it is not defined in the class operations??  comments

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