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Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Sat Dec 7 06:59:01 UTC 2002

> > That said, in such case, probably you can make use of VPainter (look at
> > koffice/karbon/render), IIRC modelled after PostScript approach. Since
> > it's
> > based on libart, you'll even get anti-aliased shapes for good !
>  This is correct.

that's good. anti-aliasing always looks nice. i remember looking at karbon and 
wondering if it might not work as a framework for uml stuff. i'd like to 
think that it would because it did look really good. 

> >> I'm working on a very nice (IMO =) UML tool, called Umbrello, and we are
> >> about to release version 1.1.  After that is done, we'll probably make
> >> some
> >> big design changes to the program, and I am very interested in switching
> >> to
> >> SVG for the graphics, mainly because it seems that that will be the
> >> standard for storing diagrams in the new UML specification.
>  I didnt know that! Will it add extensions of its own or pure svg?

we don't expect it to add extensions. there probably isn't a good reason for 
it to do so. i mean, uml is boxes and lines (and occasionally elliptical 
shapes too).

> >> Actually what we need is just the SVG viewer (KSVG) with very basic
> >> editing
> >> capabilities, just insert elements and move them around (somthing in the
> >> direction of K2B, but not as complete)
>  How do you plan to make the editing look? Realtime, or notROP like
> qpainter mode? KSVG doesnt currently have good editing capabilities,
> mainly because the rendering code still has to be optimized for that.

i'm not sure what alot of that stuff means :) the editing capability we'd need 
is the ability to drop shapes onto a canvas and connect shapes with lines. 
there really doesn't need to be alot of resizing or manipulating or whatever. 
we would like to be able to click on a shape and pull up a dialog box too.

from that brief description, does it sound like it ksvg might be able to help?

andrew sutton
ansutton at kent.edu

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