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Andrew Sutton ansutton at kent.edu
Sat Dec 7 06:51:09 UTC 2002

On Saturday 07 December 2002 2:58 am, Ariya Hidayat wrote:
> > I think it's not just the rendering. From what I understood, the diagrams
> > are going to be stored as SVG (the model still needs to be saved as XMI,
> > I suppose). (Will you get two files then?).
> Hmm, then I'm confused. Why on earth you want to store diagrams in SVG
> while XMI is already sufficient for that ? Beside, you will lose the
> structure with SVG, unless of course by adding some extensions. SVG only
> defines graphics entities, right ?

its a very complicated issue of standards. XMI doesn't really define anything 
useful. its kind of generic container of model data. the current UML  
standards define how UML model data is written into an XMI document. but, 
they only represent the data of the model, not the graphical positioning or 
layout or anything like that. we anticipate that the next major release of 
UML (2.0?) will define how UML and SVG elements cooperate within an XMI file. 
we shouldn't need any extensions once the two have been integrated.

does that make any sense?

andrew sutton
ansutton at kent.edu

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